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Back in Slovakia…again! June 17, 2010

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I haven’t written in a while, partially because I wasn’t even interested in writing in this thing and partially because I was too busy or happy doing something else. Sorry about that!

Well things in my life are doing really well. I’m almost officially done with school. I turn in my thesis on July 9. I am completely unmotivated to working on it but I know I have to. The reason is because I actually received really good feedback from my tutor. I’m super happy about that…there are some changes I need to make, but other than that I feel really good about it. I am more than confident that I can pass Woooooooo!!!

I’m not the only one with good news, Mato has also gotten an internship and passed his second year at Uni. He’s officially in his junior year at Uni, and time has really flown has it. He’s doing an internship here in Bratislava, but the firm he is interning in is an international renowned law firm. I am so proud of him. He’s so intelligent and deserving of these opportunities. I know that with this chance he is proving his worthiness in this field which is the hardest thing to do. So many times people say if I just met the right person, or if I just had one chance to show… and they never get it. Here is my awesome boyfriend being given the opportunity to intern as a second year possibly enabling him to get an internship in his third year. I am very happy for him, as long as he is happy then he can’t do wrong there.

As for me, I finished at Cohort. It was a bittersweet goodbye. I had just formed a pitch for a new video game with Scott my marketing counterpart. We came up with this game idea and we were really rolling ahead with the ideas and everything and I had to leave before we pitched it. I know he’ll give me credit but a piece of me wishes I could at least know what they think about it. For now I don’t know anything other than he’s working hard on it and he hopefully will get the go ahead to continue working on it more. Also E3 was coming up and in audio I was working hard with James. He was so stressed and I wish I could have stayed to help him with all the madness. On the other hand, I am so excited to be back in Bratislava accompanied by people I care about and shortly visiting my family in Miami. I don’t think a job could provide that kind of happiness, and if it’s meant to be then I’ll find myself there again. I am not worried, somehow I’ll find something even if I have to work somewhere silly for a while…whatever it’s worth it.

Me personally….hmmm. I’m getting pretty happy with my body, more or less happy with my eating (hey I’m on vacation people give me a break) and really happy with other things. Here in Bratislava I have a piano and I practiced almost for two hours. It was wonderful and I jammed out with what I was transcribing. lol. I’ve also been looking up different work outs that I can just do at home and I’ve found I love yoga and I really like focusing on different body parts. I don’t really care if I see any results or whatever, but if I feel good about myself then I guess that’s what will make me the happiest.

Lasty, my friends. I miss them so and I can’t wait to see them/introduce them to my Mato/ laugh about silly things again. Yay!! I can’t wait to congratulate my married friends, my engaged friends, my friends planning to have a baby…etc. I looked at old photos on facebook, 2 years ago, 5 years ago, almost 10 years ago and dang…we’ve all changed so much. I don’t think we all realize how it’s just flown. Ok it’s not like I’m a grandma or anything so I’ll stop.

Anywho, I love this city and I wish I could explore the whole country. I hope one day everyone can visit little Slovakia.

All my love. Toodles,



BACK IN SLOVAKIA! March 30, 2010

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Finally, essay turned in at 4 am, sleepy boyfriend, packed luggage….all was well in the world last night. Today I find myself with the sweeeeeeetest family ever, and ready to spend a whole month here. I am really excited.

I’ve decided this week to do the minimal for my thesis, if not NOTHING :) We’ll see how that goes since I get a little work anxious. This time I promise to take pictures! I also have my second shot at skiing. I will OWN that mountain….bunny hill. Whatever people, the point is, I get a second awesome shot. Also, the food here is delicious, no joke, and so are the people. Wait no, they aren’t delicious I meant they are awesome. I like Mato’s friends (the one’s I’ve met so far). If I meet any more I hope the feeling of liking each other is mutual. OooOOooOOO, another thing I’m excited about which I haven’t done in forever is go to the cinema. Mato has never seen a 3D movie, so it feels like its my duty to put that silliness to rest.

What else is new before I KO? I’m so happy I was able to speak to a couple of good friends this week, and my mom. Staring with the friends, I’ve spoken to Becca and Phil and I have to admit the convo’s got me realy excited. Phil and I spoke about music, life in general, catch up. What made me so excited was that he is finally releasing his album and I have to say, after listening to these masters, they sounds AMAZING. I hope everyone takes the opp to buy it on itunes, amazon, etc when he gets it up. I wish I was in Miami to help him get started. I didn’t realize how much I had learned till we started talking and now I’m just pumped. Then Becca and I have a really long conversation about everything, work, school, boys, life. I’m so happy to have someone who can take that time to talk to me when they have a full life. She has been so much to me on this trip, I can only hope to be the same to her. I’m so excited for her life plans and everything. I must make a trip back home soon to see all the other people I miss so much as well. Finally, I’ve been having such a good time talking to my mom. We’ve connected so well, that I’ve even opened up to her about relationship stuff. Don’t get crazy now, nothing big, just little things. But keep in mind I didn’t tell my mom ANYTHING about boys ever, but I think this separations has really brought us together. I see the idea she has of me as a peer/friend as well as a daughter. I feel really happy about this because I think we are sharing so much more than we ever have, and even if we don’t agree we never bite each others heads off anymore. It’s incredible. YAY! So things are super well.

OK KIDDOS, I need to sleep. I have loads to say but hopefully I’ll have much more time to write…to myself…on this thing!





The Time Has Come!!! March 16, 2010

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Dun dun dun!!!! Today Tuesday 16 of March, 2010 I embark to London for my last day of grad school! I have one class, in which I present a Marketing Report with my group (references in another post) and then meet with my Tutor in reference of my thesis. After that I will head to the home where I was staying, my friend Adam’s parents home where I will thank them mercilessly for letting me stay in their home for approx. 4 months. They are great people and I am forever in their debt, I mean seriously who just lets you stay in their home without wanting anything in return, besides the basic respect for the home, family and kindness.

Then……..*drum roll* back to Dundee!!!!! Yay I have 2 more essays due, but frankly they are the easier of the 4-5 I’ve have to write both in group and alone. I am excited, after that I have one month to write a rought draft for my thesis. I need to start surveying (with the help of my friends0 and social networking (which will be my primary polling and questioning of my friends) and  writing/making and outline.

I have a good feeling about it all, nervous but feeling good.

Aside from that I’m going to Slovakia again in 2 weeks where I get to skii again and prove I can do it to myself, and spend some time with an amazing family (Mato’s family). I’m pretty excited and anticipating some time talking and hanging with Mato’s mom since I haven’t had many girls to talk to. I know that sounds super dumb but it’s true.

ALSO!!! I begin working at Cohort Studios this Thursday! I am so excited and I can’t wait to see what projects I am working on. Ahhhhhhhh!!! It’s all happening so sooooon.


In other cool news, Mato snuck me into the gym today. After not properly exercising for about half a year it feels soooo amazing to go to the gym. I missed it so much. I cannot wait to sign up to my own gym. I hope I’m sore tomorrow!!! yay!

I hope everyone is having a good beginning to the week!




Great News/ Want to Share It March 10, 2010

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I am so extremely excited. I feel like things are coming together since my move.

2010 is really starting out great. I have officially moved to Dundee, I’m living with Mato, school ends next week (just one more class left) and I’ve got two great projects I’m excited about.

I got the internship/job =D So I will be working at Cohort Studios starting next week and then once I come back from Slovakia (I can’t believe they let me go on my planned vaca) I will be working 3 times a week working with all the things I love.

I get to:

  1. work in helping a Marketing intern creatively put his analysis and research to use and market/advertise the video games that are made.
  2. I’m going to be assistant to the audio technician! I’m going to be working on a soundstage, finding/determining what music and sound effects needs to be in the video games, and also helping out with the actors that do the voice overs for these games.
  3. I get to work with video games, have my own little desk “cubicle thingy” and be part of a team that works for ENTERTAINMENT
  4. HAVE A SALARY!! I’m gonna get paid well enough to pay my bills, and not have to ask my amazing mom for money! <3

The best part is they are so nice and just computer geeks =D I couldn’t be more enthusiastic and will put my best effort to prove to them I am vital to their team!!

Also I was desperately trying to get some music in my life, so hopefully next school year (although I’m not in school) I will be singing with the Dundee Big Band!! I am so excited, I will actually be able to do JAZZ!! Woo Hoo!!! =D

Also I AM going to buy my keyboard to play some music and practice and anything I want. FOOEY! I miss these things.

I am going to sign up to a gym, now that I am actually capable of doing it since I’m not traveling like a crazy person…annnnnd I’m gonna start dancing salsa on Tuesday nights at the salsa classes.

It’s like things are going up and I feel so grateful and humble because I know all these things…or at least the working things could be happening for others but it’s meeee =D I feel like singing, spinning, and just having cake hehehehe

What is more, I think I’m going to make some friends here now with no problem, and I anticipate being pretty content if it all works out. Knowing me, it won’t work out how I plan but it will still be fun and adventurous =D

Oh yeah and I didn’t want to make it sound like a big deal or anything (even though it is) but I’m so happy with Mato, and there are a lot of times where just him smiling and pushing me forward enough for me to try and have all these life schemes and ideas. He’s pretty cool, gotta admit ;)


I wish so much I could call my dad and tell him. I think if anything the biggest reasons I do anything (besides just doing it for myself) is because I want to make my family super proud and know that I came here taking life by the horns and not wasting money frivilously.

I hope he’d be super happy and I would want him to come visit IMMEDIATELY!

Still, if anything him and my mom are the ones to thank for helping me be fearless and trying to get everything I set out to do, even if sometimes I’m in too deep.

So for anyone reading this, I’d love to take you out for a beer and celebrate life right now.

I hope you are all feeling as alive as I am. <3

Love you all. Toodles,



Future Job/Intership Thought February 25, 2010

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I am so excited.

On a whim, as I seem to do everything, I decided to apply to this Marketing Internship at this video game development and interactive entertainment studio right where I’ll be moving to soon, Dundee! First of all, I am so happy that I found this place on my own, determined to move to Dundee I went through the directory of places I would like to intern and learn from. On the list were some music studios, music magazines, and video game company prospects and this one happened to write back!

So it’s next week on Thursday and I am freaking out because as much as I have learned in class, on my own, reading Adweek and Marketing Week and also my teeny tiny experience in post-production with Red Car…I don’t think I’m qualified for the position.

Basically in the e-mail it says I have to be able to execute/address:

– Create market matrix identifying individual segments with sales info and key purchaser info
– Create market information for our current concepts
– Identify key market areas for future concepts
– Create marketing plan (incl. inbound marketing techniques)
– Create marketing plan for self published titles. How do we gain coverage and awareness? What tools should we use?
– Review and recommend changes to current limited social media usages

I’ve realized that technically I understand how to come to some or all of these conclusions but I’ve never really executed it for anything. I’ve just now learned about marketing matrixes and I’m not so sure I could create a marketing plan for a company willy nilly. I was hoping that with this internship I could learn to do all these things, but perhaps my expectations are reaching a little too high. I didn’t realize there are most likely people applying for this position who already know all these things so I wonder why I was shortlisted to be interviewed and I came to these conclusions:

  • My CV looks qualified, and I appear to be a person who has been subjected to many different social environments.
  • I also think my cover letter represented a person who could learn quickly and also become a leader provided she has the RIGHT information.
  • I might one of few people who are applying to intern for a position that is graduating and then available for hiring immediately. My best guess is that perhaps a lot of applicants are third-fourth year Uni students and maybe having a masters student seems “interesting.”

So I’ve decided that I’m going to have a game plan. I’m going to market myself extremely well, focus on my pro’s and tell them that although I lack marketing experience first hand I will be an asset to their company and what is more I’ll work extremely hard for them because I want it badly…well maybe not that desperately…but something sorta-kinda like that. To make a long story longer: I’m going to sell myself to them. ;)

Has anyone had a work related experience like this? If so, any comments would be peachy. Also what do you think about my trying these new things?

All my love.



Getting Sick February 16, 2010

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Getting sick is not my strong suit.

Have you also noticed the difference between men and women when they get sick?


“I think I’m getting a cold”

COMMENCE MAN BREAK DOWN! (He all of a sudden turns into a 5 year old, or less, baby who cannot do a single thing)

He will run to bed/sofa, play video games or watch telvisions, be covered up saying he needs more or less clothing, he needs his food and drink taken to him, he sniffles and whines for you to rub wherever it hurts. He needs to be cuddled, he needs to be left alone. Basically he NEEDS taking care of, embracing the sickness completely and knowing it’s time to be babied.

Pointe in blance: their world has crumbled and you have to make it better for them.

Here are apparently some instructional videos: (oh jeez)


“Uh-oh I think I’m getting sick”


She takes medicine, tried ignoring as much bother as she can because she has things she must do and cannot put them off. These things include work responsibilities, friend responsibilities, family etc…all responsibilities. By that, I mean whatever way you take it, because everyone is different. She’ll feed, clothe, bathe herself. She’ll probably want to still carry on her normal life, knowing it’s not the end of the world…

In other words, she doesn’t like to seem weak or bothersome so she’ll just do it herself. This can be both good and bad as she can get even sicker or walk around carrying sickness for a while.


While I have been known for being the latter, I have noticed when moving here that it’s probably best to be in the middle. Carry on with the important things as best you can but don’t be afraid to ask for some assistance. Rest is extremely necessary so don’t push yourself by doing things that will put your health at risk. Nevertheless, if there is something you can do while not exhausting yourself, then I most definitely do not see the harm.

Now..if I only could take this advice myself ><


I could be wrong…maybe… so if you disagree let me know.

Oh yeah. I’m getting sick :(




Hair Cut Possibilities February 7, 2010

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The time has come when I want a hair style change.

Right now my hair if wavy, long and I have side swooped bangs.

Here is an example of what I look like:Which way should I go?

It is quite a lot of hair and it is very thick, so it would be nice for it to be manageable.

  • I thought about having it very short, just for extreme change and it would be very easy to straighten. On the other hand, it severely limits my styling possibilities.
  • Another option was to keep it the same length, fix up the bangs a bit and layer it up like a mofo to make it feel less heavy.
  • Once my friend Michelle had a funky hair cut. What I liked about it is that it didn’t have a shape per say. it had long strands, short ones, it was edgy and I thought it flattered her well at the time; I thought it could also flatter me?
  • Maybe not an extreme change, but cutting it shoulder length and keeping it classy could be the solution. If it compliments my face shape and elongates my neck ( I really don’t know if that is what it will do) then why not?!
  • Just don’t do anything to it, keep it growing. You might be surprised to see that if it grows longer you’ll have more to do with it and will be finally able to put it into a proper pony tail.

What do y’all think? Do you guys want to do anything, cause a small change in your appearances?





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